*Solar Eclipse* In Capricorn* 26 December 2019*

A kind of * New Moon*

Will* be seen by Earthlings*

On 26 December 2019* at 4Β° Capricorn*

An* annular Solar Eclipse*

A very blessed one* Sun* Moon aligns* Jupiter*

A planet of progress* profusion* growth*

A trine** to Uranus*

Enhances* potentials* excitement* to people*

Solar eclipse* will change* our lives*

In coming years*

Carrying* technology breakthroughs*

Changing the way*

We exploit* underground sources*

Water* suppliesminerals

Changing* planet structures *

The way we live*

Eclipse* brings great business deals* good changes*

Planet earth* dear earthlings*

Will receive* huge quantity of energy*

Eclipse* is intensely* creative*


Destructive* too*

Massive earthquakes* hit earth* epidemics*

Terroristic attacks* murders*

New Global Coin*

The Olds Fall*

New will Rise

Capricorn Effect* takes* power away*

No matter* what you are*

Kings* Presidents caliphates Prime Ministers*

Empires* Fall* Withered*

Governments* Fall*

Antichrist is Rising* EclipseΒ aligns to Facies

Disguised* with good*

Though* Sun* Moon* Jupiter bring*

Happiness* optimism* kindness*

Good luck* Good opportunities* professional growth*

Expansion* to life* relationships *wealth.

Solar eclipse* trine* Uranus

Conveys* pleasant* wonders* events*

Interesting encounters*


A higher level* of self-awareness*

Increased perception* flashes* of insight*

Self-confidence* escapade*Β 

Express* your unique Self*

Feel bright*

Around* Christmas treeLights

With Family* Friends*

People* you darling*

Do not let Darkness* Evil*

Fall upon Earth*

Your Thoughts Hearts with Capricorn*

Involved* take time* don’t* be harassed*

Roots matter*

Past* crashes* to Future*

December Eclipse* effects* for six months*Β